Tips to Align an Air Purifier with Your Room Decor

Buying a home air purifier is the best decision you can make for your family. There has been a sudden increase in indoor pollution for a variety of different reasons. For example, using chemical-ridden products, your dirty HVAC systems, dust, dirt, mites, viruses, bacteria, mold, and more. 

Air purifiers allow you to get rid of these contaminants and improve your respiratory health. Although it does not need to look good, most of us want to buy an air purifier that will enhance our home’s décor. 

In this blog post, we will share our best tips to help make your air purifier complement your home’s décor.

Air Purifier infographic

Hide in the Interior Décor

Most people like to have pastel colors in their living rooms since it brings warmth, calmness, and positivity to the house. When you are placing a home air purifier in the living room, the neutral white color would be the best choice.

This way you can easily hide the air purifier in your pastel home décor without compromising the beauty. At Medify Air, all our air purifiers come in neutral white color. So, it is easy to make a choice. 

Don’t Compromise on Space

Most people these days have small living spaces, like an apartment or townhome. In such case, you can add an air purifier that suits your smaller space and décor.

Air purifier

Another solution is to look for air purifiers for home that can be mounted on the wall. This way, you won’t need to make extra space for your air purifier. Medify Air offers a few wall-mounting air purifier models that you can choose from, so you should definitely check out their MA-35 Air Purifier— it is a wall mounted air purifier that can clean up to 640SF in just 30 minutes.

Once wall mounted, this type of air purifier will work just like any other air purifier. You will save a lot of space in your house, and they are a great choice for your child’s bedroom as your child won’t be able to damage the air purifier.

Position Behind the Furniture

You can always position your air purifiers behind the furniture, but you might need small yet powerful air purifiers. At Medify Air, we have a wide range of purifiers that are small and compact yet powerful.

Air Purifier behind furniture

Whether you get a big or a small sized air purifier, they won’t make much noise. So, no one will ever know if the air purifier is positioned behind the furniture. It also won’t affect the interior décor of your house if it is hidden. 

You can also add some decoration while purifying a room with a small air purifier. You can have it sit comfortably on the bedside table in your bedroom or on the counter in your bathroom.

Bottom Line

Air purifiers are critical to maintaining the indoor air quality of your house. However, aligning it with the interior décor of your house is important too. 

Buying a neutral white color air purifier can help you enhance your home’s décor, while purchasing an air purifier and placing it behind your furniture is an effective way to keep your air purifier from obstructing your space in a smaller home. Wall mounting air purifiers are also another great option for small homes or spaces. Whatever option you choose, you will be keeping the air in your home clean!

And with Medify Air, you can choose between a wide range of wall-mounting and portable air purifiers that will easily align with the interior décor of your home. Each air purifier is powerful yet compact and can fit in small, medium, and large spaces effectively.

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