Medify Filter Club

Filters delivered to your door, automatically. Save 50% on your first filter at checkout, then 10% after with free shipping on all Filter Club subscriptions. Always the right filter, when you need it, at a discount.

How It Works

  • Find the right filter for your device.

    Each one of our Medify Air purifiers has a unique corresponding H13 filter or filter set. Identify your device and navigate to the proper filter product page.

  • Schedule the subscription cadence that suits your lifestyle.

    To set up your subscription, first select the "Subscribe & Save" option. In the dropdown menu, choose your preferred delivery cadence. The average household needs new filters every six months, but this depends on your lifestyle, location and preference.

  • Always get the right filter, when you need it, at a discount.

    Breathe fresh, clean air each day without wasting time or energy ordering replacement filters or worrying about the effectiveness of your purifier's filtration system. And rest assured, there are no change or cancellation fees - adjust Filter Club preferences any time.

Subscribe & Save: 50% Off First Filter at Checkout


Let us keep you on schedule. Delivered directly to your door.
  • Stay on schedule
  • Keep lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Ease & convenience

From The Ones Living Breezy

 I've had this unit now for about a week and I am impressed with how well it has significantly reduced the dust accumulation.  I am very happy with this purchase.

John B.

This unit works great. Purchased for my basement and there is a noticeable difference in the air quality in one day! Love it. I want to purchase another one.

Jackie B.

This is an excellent air purifier! My mom just had lung surgery and wanted a top quality air purifier that was efficient enough to do a large living area and this works perfect!