Medify Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Medify Air MA-20H Humidifier features a simple and elegant design. Its easy-to-fill water basin removes the additional step of using a water jug or other container for refills. Simply remove the top, turn it over, and fill directly from a sink or water source. 

Choose from two colors – blue or pink – and say goodbye to dry air.


Optional Aromatherapy

The Medify Air MA-20H can also be used with aromatherapy essential oils. Add 3-4 drops to the water tank and enjoy the various health and wellness benefits of essential oils. We recommend rinsing out the water basin when switching between aromatherapy scents.


Touchscreen Controls

Access all functions using the touchscreen controls on the front-facing side of the humidifier.

  • Choose among three mist speeds: low, medium, high
  • Set the timer to turn off (1, 2, 4, or 8 hours in advance)
  • Adjust the humidity level from 45% RH – 80% RH
  • Use sleep mode and turn off all lights


Additional Features

  • 360-degree adjustable mist vent for efficient humidification
  • Light-weight design with easy-carry handle


Unit Specs

  • Voltage: 110-120 V AC 60 Hz
  • Rated power: 25 W
  • Humidification quantity: 300 mL/h
  • Water tank: 5 L
  • Unit dimension: 12.9”H x 7.6”W x 7.6”D
  • Unit weight: 3 lbs.