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The Medify Air MA-Smart is the first smart-enabled medical-grade air purifier for home and office use. With advanced technology and modern design, the MA-Smart brings a new level of ease to air purification. Now you can say “Hey Alexa...turn on the air purifier.” It’s as simple as that!

With powerful filters and 360-degree air purification, this unit is a simple solution for bedrooms, living rooms, and office spaces up to 500 square feet.

Lifetime Warranty: On parts and service as long as the filters are changed every 4 months with genuine MEDIFY AIR filters.


The Medify Air MA-Smart uses a three-stage filtration process to remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter.

  • The pre-filter removes larger particles such as hair, fibers, animal dander, and more.
  • The medical-grade HEPA H13 filter removes PM2.5 smoke, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and others.
  • The activated carbon filter absorbs odors, harmful VOCs, and other toxic substances such as formaldehyde.


The Medify MA-Smart is our most technologically advanced unit. Compatible with Google Home or Amazon Echo, simply give commands to turn on/off the air purifier and change to different settings.

You can also use the Smart Life (™) App to control the MA-Smart right from your smartphone from another room or on your way back home or to your office.

The MA-Smart can also be used without the smart features. Use the touchscreen control system on the top of the unit to access all features as well.

  • Connect your device to WIFI
  • Choose among 4 fan speeds, including sleep mode and auto mode
  • Use Sleep Mode to turn air purifier to low and dim control panel lights
  • Auto Mode will adjust the fan speed based on your indoor air quality
  • Set the timer to turn off after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
  • See the filter replacement indicator


A 360-degree base light changes color based on your current room air quality (green-yellow-red). As the MA-Smart cleans your air, you'll notice the light change from red to green as the air quality becomes free of allergens, dust, and other harmful particles. 


  • 360-degree air purification for maximum efficiency
  • Simple filter replacement: filters come together as a single unit for replacement


  • Voltage: 120 V AC 60 Hz
  • Rated power: 50 W
  • Noise level: <61 dB(A)
  • Room size: up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Unit dimension: 16.1"H x 9.4"W x 9.4"D
  • Unit weight: 10 lbs.